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best plants for privacy screening

Best Plants for Privacy Screening in North Texas

Add Some Privacy to Your Garden with These Fast-Growing Screening Shrubs & Plants for Privacy Screening for Your Yards & Homes in North Texas! Find the BEST plants for privacy screening you can create a better landscape sanctuary.

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Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Holiday Gifts for Garden Lovers

Though it’s hard to believe, we are quickly approaching the holiday season and the same ole thought comes roaring back…”What gift do I get for ______?” You can fill in that blank with husband/wife, child, parent, friend, neighbor. Our lives are filled with lots of “stuff” and you want your holiday gift to be meaningful.

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transitioning container plants

Transitioning Container Plants for Colder Weather

Summer has passed and autumn is starting to put a nip in the air.  This means it’s time for transitioning container plants for colder weather.  Not everything needs to be discarded – some plants can be moved indoors, put into garden beds or beefed up a bit.  Here’s some good direction on how to prep container gardens for winter.

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Brighten Your Home with Blooms All Winter Long by Forcing Bulbs

Did you know that the white, powdery tint on brick and stone has a name?  Yep.  It’s Efflorescence.  This substance is a deposit of salts which form if water is present.  Some people like the look on clay pots for a vintage appearance but on retaining walls and other building surfaces it looks like structures are grimy and not well kept.

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fall clean up veggie garden

Fall Clean Up – Getting Your Hands Dirty in Your Edible Garden

Hopefully you have had a bountiful summer reaping the rewards from your edible garden. It’s getting to that time when you will pluck the last pepper and bring in the last of the tomatoes. You may have a full belly and a satisfied smile on your face but the gardening game is always on-going. What’s next?

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Get Ready for Fall: Clean Up Your Outdoor Spaces

The long days of summer are coming to an end but that just means lovely cool nights are on the way. The end of a season also typically means a project of some sort and this is a good time to clean up your outdoor spaces. Don’t moan. Clean up now means you will have less of a mess come spring and you will be able to enjoy autumn with a sense of satisfaction.

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fall flowers north texas mexican sage

Fall Flowers for North Texas Gardens

We’re almost there. Almost into fall and time to start thinking about fall flowers. Before too long the heat will break and with some good fortune we’ll be able to feel a kiss of coolness in the air. If you are new to North Texas you may not realize that gardening and lovely flowers aren’t just something that happens in the spring.

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canning north texas

Canning 101

If you are one of those talented gardeners who have had a successful year but find yourself with too much produce consider canning your fruit and veggies so they don’t get wasted. Spread out the enjoyment of your North Texas crops by creating great canned food. Canning is a terrific way to keep food from perishing for up to a year.

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Best Harvest Times for North Texas Gardens

Determining when to harvest vegetables from your North Texas garden is equally important as knowing what and how to cultivate. Some vegetables are forgiving and can be left in the garden a longer period of time but many need to be picked at the crucial ripening point.

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