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best ways to heating outdoor spaces

How to Heat an Outdoor Space and Winter Proof Your Patio!

Discover Outdoor Heating Ideas to Warm Your Patio When this Winter! The BEST Methods for Heating Outdoor Spaces from Outdoor Heaters, Fireplaces. Here are several ideas for heating outdoor spaces both functional and decorative that will keep your patio, backyards, & the outdoors warm for entertaining and family living this Winter season!

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led landscape lighting by vista

LED Landscape Lighting Will Transform Your Yard & Blow Your Mind

Did you know that the white, powdery tint on brick and stone has a name?  Yep.  It’s Efflorescence.  This substance is a deposit of salts which form if water is present.  Some people like the look on clay pots for a vintage appearance but on retaining walls and other building surfaces it looks like structures are grimy and not well kept.

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outdoor lighting

Tips to Brighten Your World with Outdoor Lighting

If your home is your castle, then your yard is an extension of that domain. Homeowners take pride in their gardens and lawn, but the hard work that goes into creating your slice of Eden gets lost when the sun sets. If the yard does not have well-chosen lighting to accentuate the landscape, then design efforts slip away into the dark.

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