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best ways to heating outdoor spaces

How to Heat an Outdoor Space and Winter Proof Your Patio!

Discover Outdoor Heating Ideas to Warm Your Patio When this Winter! The BEST Methods for Heating Outdoor Spaces from Outdoor Heaters, Fireplaces. Here are several ideas for heating outdoor spaces both functional and decorative that will keep your patio, backyards, & the outdoors warm for entertaining and family living this Winter season!

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Powdery White Stuff on Retaining Walls: The Efflorescence Mystery

Did you know that the white, powdery tint on brick and stone has a name?  Yep.  It’s Efflorescence.  This substance is a deposit of salts which form if water is present.  Some people like the look on clay pots for a vintage appearance but on retaining walls and other building surfaces it looks like structures are grimy and not well kept.

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difficult yards small yard

Landscaping Design Ideas for Difficult Yards

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful yard.  They know it will increase the value of your home, improve the neighborhood and offer owners a haven for play, entertaining and relaxation.  Almost all difficult yards though will offer their own set of challenges...

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patio design

Patio Design: Planning Considerations

The good news is that you have decided to add a patio to your yard. The better news is that now you get to have fun thinking of a patio design. Planning considerations are vital to the creation of a new outdoor space that will be perfect for your family.

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