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fall pond maintenance

Don’t Neglect Fall Pond Maintenance

The signs keep presenting themselves – a cooling in the air, leaves fluttering to the ground and shorter days.  Fall is upon us.  Hopeful gardeners in North Texas are taking all the necessary steps to ready their landscapes for the onset of winter. It can be tempting to just let the pond take care of itself, but for lasting impact in your landscape fall pond maintenance is necessary. You need to look after the plants and fish before Mother Nature unleashes a major chill.

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canning north texas

Canning 101

If you are one of those talented gardeners who have had a successful year but find yourself with too much produce consider canning your fruit and veggies so they don’t get wasted. Spread out the enjoyment of your North Texas crops by creating great canned food. Canning is a terrific way to keep food from perishing for up to a year.

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