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shady areas

Beautiful Plants for Shady Areas

A common misconception is that you need bright sun to grow beautiful plants but that’s not really true.  There are many lovely specimens that do quite well in shady areas.  You can find a full range of options including annuals, ...
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fall yard

Fall Yard Clean-Up Checklist

The days are getting shorter and you can feel the chill in the air.  That means you need to pull yourself and your family away from the football game and dive into your fall yard clean-up.  You might groan now ...
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water feature

Considering a Water Feature for Your Yard?

There are few sounds more tranquil than bubbling water, few settings more peaceful than those where you can watch ripples on water.  Elements of nature in your yard will create a more enjoyable environment and on the practical side, an ...
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retaining wall

What to Consider When Planning a Retaining Wall

If you have been thinking about building a retaining wall on your property there are many considerations for the project.  While most retaining walls are created to correct erosion or drainage issues they can also be designed to enhance your ...
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spring garden

Planning Your Spring Garden

It may seem counter intuitive, but as we head into the cooler seasons, it’s the time to start thinking about planning your spring garden.  It’s the best time to dream, plan, research and begin the ground work.  (Pun intended!)  In ...
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Curb Appeal Improvement Has a Double Payoff

If you’ve been thinking about improving your curb appeal, there is really no good reason to hesitate.  Show your home some love and reap the rewards.  Taking the time to spruce up the homestead has a double payoff: First: every ...
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trees and shrubs

Choosing Trees and Shrubs for Fall Beauty

Everybody has their favorite season.  Spring is a joyous time of rebirth when your spirit will come alive along with the sprouts of green popping up in your yard.  Days get warmer and we rejoice in the spring breeze.  Summer ...
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core aeration

Benefits of Core Aeration for Texas Lawns

Do you have lawn envy?  You know…the one yard in the neighborhood that is wonderfully vibrant with healthy, bright green grass.  Maybe that’s where the saying “green with envy” came from.  Ever wonder how the homeowners got such terrific results?  ...
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koi pond

Dress Up Your Koi Pond with Plants…and Rocks

A koi pond can add such serenity and beauty to a back yard, but don’t stop with just the water and the fish.  Adding plants to this water feature is not just for show, the plants are essential for creating ...
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patio design

Patio Design: Planning Considerations

The good news is that you have decided to add a patio to your yard.  The better news is that now you get to have fun thinking of a patio design.  Planning considerations are vital to the creation of a ...
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