Residential Lawn Maintenance

residential lawn maintenance

Let’s face it, life can keep you pretty busy. Why not let the experts at Peterson’s Landscape & Maintenance Services handle your residential lawn maintenance? We are a a full-service landscape & maintenance company and offer a wide variety of services for your lawn and landscape needs. We’ve been in business a long time and have dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional customer service. We focus on listening to what your specific needs and objectives are, then developing a unique program for your property.

Give us a call and let our professionals help give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

Residential Lawn Maintenance Services include:

  • Exterior Landscape maintenance
  • Landscape renovation/enhancement
  • Turf and ornamental maintenance
  • Seasonal color design and installation
  • Irrigation installation & repair
  • Individualized fertilizer and weed control programs specific to your lawn
  • Insect & disease control/prevention
  • Fire ant control
  • Mulching of beds, tree rings and play areas
  • Core aeration
  • Tree & shrub care

Other Residential Lawn Services Are:

Shredded Bark Mulch

Refresh your landscape beds each spring with a new top dress of shredded bark mulch.

  • Quality bark mulch – no chipped pallets, no wood chunks, just quality hardwood shredded bark only
  • Natural product

Shrub Pruning

Have the loveliest trees and shrubs on your block! Peterson’s provides maintenance pruning for shrubs and trees based on individual species requirements.

  • Pruning is done at the correct time of the year per species requirements
  • Pruning is done with the proper tools by knowledgeable, trained staff

Lawn Aerification

Lawn Aerification is the cultural practice that makes a tremendous positive impact on the quality of your lawn. Aerifying is the process of mechanically removing small cores of soil and thatch out of the lawn. The cores are approximately 1-3” deep and approximately 6” on center over your entire lawn.

  • Aeration allows air to penetrate into the soil
  • The cores or holes are quickly filled in with new grass roots, thus increasing the health of your turf
  • Aerified soil has a better water holding capacity, so there is less water run off and a reduced need for irrigation

Spring/Fall Clean Up

Put down your rake and allow us to beautify your view with our spring leaf removal and clean up service.

  • Clean up leaves and debris that have accumulated over the long winter.
  • Remove leaves and debris from your landscape beds, gutters (one story buildings), walks and drives.
  • Complete clean up of your lawn.

Vegetation Control

We provide Industrial, Commercial, and Residential vegetation control and soil sterility which include:

  • Gravel driveways
  • Fence lines
  • Utility areas
  • Fully licensed staff for the use of pesticide applications
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