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Retaining walls can be a necessary but beautiful part of any landscape project. They can add enjoyment and interest to your landscape needs. There is a large assortment of colors, textures and designs to insure that your property is unique. Add waterfalls, lighting or planters to give your retaining walls that special touch. Let Peterson’s Landscape be your choice for making your property you.


Peterson’s Landscape understands that each job is unique which is why we always focus on the following:

Base Preparation – This is the most important part of the entire installation process:

  • Appropriate base material, thickness and compaction are essential to ensure your installation will last for many years to come.
  • On the bottom row, each block is placed on the compacted base, and each block is leveled with a transit or laser level.

Laying Additional Rows:

  • As each additional row is laid, all debris is swept away from the preceding row.
  • Each row is offset from the preceding row to ensure that the joints are staggered. (This is necessary for proper stability)
  • In many instances, each unit interlocks with the units above and below it.
  • In larger walls, each unit has a built in setback that automatically forms the correct slope.
  • Detailed precision cuts are made in the blocks in a curved wall design to eliminate gaps or voids in the wall.
  • Walls that exceed 4 feet in height must have an engineer design according to Texas law.

Geo-Grid or Geo-Tech Fabric:

  • Geo-Grid or Geo-Tech is a reinforcing material used to add even more stability to tall walls and keep soil from entering the drainage rock area.
  • Walls made using Geo-Grid or Geo-Tech can be made taller and more stable than walls made without it.
  • Geo-Grid or Geo-Tech is recommended for walls taller than 2 feet.

Backfilling and Drainage:

  • Gravel is used behind the wall as a backfill to allow for drainage.
  • In many instances a drainage pipe is also used, along with gravel to aid in the run-off of excessive water.
  • Backfilling is done every 2-3 rows as the wall height progresses.

Coping or Caps:

  • All walls are finished at the top with a cap or with coping if desired.

Clean Up:

  • Our work sites are cleaned up on a daily basis.
  • Complete clean up of the work area at the end of the installation

Retaining wall framing front yard plants
Retaining wall framing front yard plants
Retaining wall as fence
Retaining wall as fence
Curved retaining wall
Curved retaining wall
Retaining wall for back yard patio
Retaining wall for back yard patio


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