Commercial Landscaping That’s Proving Popular with North Texas Property Owners

Just like all industries and all facets of life, there are always trends and this includes commercial landscaping.  Innovation, environment, and industry standards all play into new ways of showcasing your property.  Here are some of the trends popular this year with commercial property owners.

Green Roofs

Pick up any lifestyle magazines these days and you will more than likely come across a property owner who has created a green roof.  This trend transforms a rather unsightly rooftop setting turning it into a lovely green environment.

More and more commercial properties are looking for ways to reduce their carbon foot-print and green roofs are an outcome of that desire.  This has become especially popular in high-density areas.  Benefits of this endeavor include a major reduction in heat loss, a way to filter storm water, and the improved insulation which results in less energy usage.

If the property is a residential building, the green roof is a lovely perk for residents giving them a common area to enjoy with neighbors.  For business developments, a green roof gives employees a place to escape the daily grind and rejuvenate throughout the work day.  In retail developments, roof tops have been turned over to restaurants that use the area to grow produce and herbs that work their way into the menu.


The frequency of droughts in North Texas has amped up the importance of developing a xeriscape. This is a form of landscaping that greatly reduces the need for supplemental water.  This makes commercial landscaping maintenance very efficient for property owners allowing them to reduce water consumption which in turn reduces ongoing costs.  It’s believed that a xeriscape installation can reduce watering by as much as 70%.  Along with cost savings, a xeriscape garden can be a very beautiful addition to any commercial landscape.

Native Plants

There has been a growing interest in finding ways to aid in sustainability while at the same time reducing the costs for a property owner. Because of this interest, the trend of using native plants has exploded in the commercial landscape industry. The popularity of native plants is based on their ability to thrive in local conditions without a lot of ongoing maintenance or care. They are labeled as native because the plant is indigenous to a certain area. Since these plants are adapted to the local conditions, they require less watering, fertilizing and other treatments. Learn more about native plants in Fort Worth landscaping.

Water Management and Innovative Irrigation

As mentioned earlier, sustainability is a driving force in today’s commercial landscapes.  Sustainability refers to how new landscapes are developed and maintained with the goal of creating an ecological balance that avoids depletion of natural resources. A major element of increasing sustainability is reducing water consumption. This can be accomplished in many ways, for example Xeriscaping, rain barrels, rain gardens, and using plants native to the region. Because water management is anticipated to be a major point of emphasis for commercial landscaping companies from this point forward, you can expect to see many upcoming trends growing out of this need.

Even though xeriscapes and native plants offer terrific options for commercial landscapes, keeping plant material thriving while conserving water is still a factor.  That’s why installing the best irrigation system is vital.  Today’s technologies offer ways to lower water consumption which translates to reduced costs.  They also keep landscape settings growing properly.  Talk with a landscape professional to review systems that are best for you – including drip irrigation, rain sensors and advanced tools that adapt to the environment.

Experiential Settings

Commercial landscaping isn’t just about looking lovely or energy savings.  A hot trend that has emerged is developing settings that will offer enjoyable experiences for tenants, employees and customers. What you will find happening more frequently is the development of an immersive environment where people enjoy spending time as opposed to just passing through.

Also known as placemaking, this popular trend is all about creating an interesting space where folks want to gather.  These spaces feature lush plant life, inviting seating, dining or work areas, fountains, public art and other conveniences.  Many of these settings also provide Wi-Fi and access to restrooms.

Community Grow Space

Many commercial property owners are building relations in their community by turning over plots of ground to local gardening groups.  These affiliations can include non-profit organizations or neighborhood betterment networks.  Especially appealing in dense urban areas, this partnership allows community groups to grow produce for food banks or for sale to local restaurants,

Typically the property owner offers up the land and access to water while the groups manage and maintain the space.  It’s a win-win for all involved.  Community groups have the means to accomplish their mission and property owners create goodwill in the neighborhood.

Trend Round-Up

Naturally trends are going to vary from year to year but those recapped here seemed destined to become commonplace.  A trend often grows from a need so you can expect to see many new ideas pop up on a regular basis.  For help keeping your commercial landscaping in the groove, contact a professional landscaping business in your community.